Karl Guest

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Karl Guest is sometimes overlooked as one of the most adept upcoming producers on the island right now. His ability to pump out disco edits, club-orientated house and ravey techno is almost second to none and compliments his varied and well-versed approach to DJing perfectly.

Having initially emerged as a resident for Toast and then capitalising on that residency to command shows at all of the country’s festivals, Karl’s name soon became just  as big as that of the party series, allowing him to gain sets away from the Toast name and flex his impressive knowledge of electronic music, that is most definitely submerged in house music, but impressively in touch with techno and rave too.

Having made his international debut not so long ago, his name is beginning to pick up a head of steam thanks to positive online reaction to his uploads on popular YouTube channels, meaning it’s only a matter of time before international ears are treated to his already magnificent DJ sets.