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2019 was supposed to be the year of IMNOTYOURMATE, before the pandemic came along and paused the glow-up. Releases on recognisable techno imprints such as JADED, JELL, Hard Vision and Voight Kampff - and having music supported by Manni Dee, Kobosil, SPFDJ and Rebekah amongst other pacesetters - had earmarked the emerging producer as one of the most exciting names within rave-influenced sound. Now, as the clubs open again, he’s ready to pick up where he left off.

The Belfast based producer has been pigeonholed for too long. Doof remains a passion, but so does bass-driven noise. Techno, jungle, happy hardcore, hardstyle and are just some of the sounds you may hear throughout an IMNOTYOURMATE set (and if you were at AVA Belfast 2022 then you will know just how good this sets can be).

Floating somewhere between industrial, hardcore and rave - and inspired by the psycho-political-cultural context that has acted as the genesis for so much kick-happy sound - the producers sound is an oxymoron of sorts. Happy and sad, angry and euphoric; it’s these warped contexts that provide such an emotional captivation - a cathartic release from the mundane.

Quietly honing his craft in the South of the city between long cycles and stout sessions, the producer has played with some of the most forward-thinking on the circuit - from Mark Archer and Dyen to Tommy Four Seven and The Horrorist - and, without sounding too cliche, it really feels like this is the year he transitions from the warm-up slot (if that even exists within an IMNOTYOURMATE set) to peak-time party starter. Sweaty hug, anyone?