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ELLLL is and has been for a long time one of the leading acts when it comes to techno in Ireland. Her live set has brought her as far as Boiler Room and is truly innovative in comparison to plenty of her counterparts within the genre. Her work at the helm of Gash collective has placed her firmly as one of the most forward thinking individuals in electronic music and has definitely served to expand her already varied sound. She is an unwavering voice in the fight for gender equality within electronic music and has managed to help bring through some of the country’s best female talent through both classes on DJing and production and through her own club nights too.

    She adds a more experimental aspect to what is a rather straightforward lineup and a sound that is definitely more at home in Berlin or Paris than her native Cork. Having played on the same lineups as experimental heavyweights Lorenzo Senni and Mumdance, ELLLL is definitely one of the more niche acts emanating from Ireland.