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If you’re a techno fan, there’s already a good chance you’ve heard of or heard from Dahryl in the past few months, even if you haven’t realised. Heavy support of the Northerner’s productions has come from the heavyweight likes of Rebekah, Dax J and Amelie Lens.

Holding one of the toughest techno sounds on the island, the support comes as no surprise to people that have been paying close attention to his rise to prominence, not to mention of course his release on JoeFarr’s own User Experience label.

Paula Temple included a track from the Belfast man in her most recent 10 top list for Groove Magazine while Manni Dee included Dahryl’s ‘Crank’ track as one of the ten best tracks of the year.

The past 12 months have proved incredibly fruitful for the producer in terms of his tracks’ playtime, with the new year looking to promise a busy schedule of shows.