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DIY electronic music careers are nothing new in 2018’s democratised community, however if there was ever a DJ and producer that has worked for their success, look no further than Kildare’s Adamant. Often driving to some of the smallest Dublin gigs early in his career just for an opportunity to DJ to crowds big and small alike, Adamant’s name became a staple in house lineups across the country in a rather short space of time thanks to his work in setting up YouTube outlet Doubleu, along with fellow house/disco aficionado Niall Healy.

    Not only has Doubleu propelled Adamant’s disco-edit sound to the masses, it has served as a platform for a multitude of Irish artists, such as Karl Guest, George Feely and many more, acting as the ultimate home for the house and disco sounds that are currently ruling the world of electronic music within Ireland at the moment.

    Adamant’s sets pay homage to some of the most well loved house names we have come to love and know over the years, while infusing them with the newest sounds coming from Ireland.